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Dr. T’s 7 Day Hormone Reboot

The World’s FIRST Integrative Hormone Reboot

With this first-of-its-kind Hormone Program, you’ll receive:

  • Private Membership
  • Daily Emails
  • Mindfulness Videos
  • Secret Facebook Community
  • Daily Worksheets
  • Journal Coaching

WHY SHOULD YOU register for the Online Hormone Reboot? And Become A Member of this Community?

Access my Reboot from anywhere in the world on any computer or mobile device.

Get support, coaching, and accountability through our support community as well as myself.

Dr. T’s Hormone Reboot is a has been proven effective for women who are ready to feel the best they’ve ever felt. YES, isn’t it time?

If you can login to your email account, you can do this. There’s no complicated software to figure out. We’ve automated it for you.

...just for women, just for you

My goal is for you to experience a powerful shift to balance your hormones.

The REAL Truth About Hormones Master Series

We’ve brought Women's Health experts together to share The REAL TRUTH about Hormones! Each topic is specific to the expert's specialty  bringing you a variety of knowledge to help you learn the facts about your personal health and wellness! 

During this one of a kind series you will learn The REAL Truth About:

  • Nutrition, Diet, Exercise and Wellbeing
  • Hormones and Aging
  • The Vital Signs Of Your Period
  • Essential Oils for Hormone Regulation and Balance
  • EMF's and Your Hormones
  • Metabolism
  • Relationships
  • Fasting, Nutrition and Your Hormones
  • Your Emotions and Your Hormones
  • Gut Health
  • Men’s Health and Balanced Hormones
  • About PCOS
  • Mold, Candida and Hormones
  • Aging, Menopause and Nutrition
  • Testing Your Hormones


Here's a recap of what you will receive with your the ALL ACCESS Pass!

    • 12 months - On-Demand Access to ALL Summit Videos
    • AND ALL These AMAZING Additional Resources:
    • Women’s Health Expert Videos
    • 15 Video Transcripts
    • 3 Master Course Memberships
    • 4 Groundbreaking Health and Wellness E-Books
    • 1 Hormone Balancing 3 Week Meal Plan
    • 1 World Leading Fasting Checklist
    • 1 PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Quiz
    • Private Facebook Group Access

The Women's Health + Hormone Mastery

Welcome to The Hormone Mastery Course!

Dr. Tassone designed this program and filled it with trail-blazing knowledge of the major hormones impacting women's health to help practitioners learn hormones the right way. With an accumulation of over 20 years of experience in women's health and 18 years of expertise in bio-identical hormones, Dr. Tassone has had over 50,000 patient encounters and uses his extensive background to help practitioners learn why to test, how to test, different delivery methods, and more!

This course is 100% self-paced with lifetime access to all videos, tools, transcripts, fact sheets, and new content added regularly!

S.H.I.N.E.S Protocol Program

Welcome to the journey of SHINES, where science meets spirituality, and hormonal harmony meets inner peace. I'm excited to introduce you to this transformative program. 

I invite you to embrace the transformative power of SHINES, where science and spirituality converge to empower your holistic well-being. Prepare to embark on a path that will not only balance your hormones but also illuminate your spirit.

Are you ready for SHINES? Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and holistic transformation.

Start your SHINES experience today, and unlock the potential for a healthier, happier you.

Complimentary Webinar - Hormone 101

Everything Women Need to Know About Hormones - Hormone 101 with Dr. Shawn Tassone

Hormonal imbalance affects mental health, sleep, metabolism, libido, and much more.

In this webinar,  you will learn new groundbreaking information about hormone health. 

  • What are hormones, really?
  • How do hormones affect the body?
  • What does imbalance feel like?
  • What can you do about a hormone imbalance?
My Women's Health + Hormone Resources Available Women's Health + Hormone Resources
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